About John Heartson

Recording artist John Heartson, lives in a 100+ year old creamery in Vermont and drives an antique Mercedes powered by waste vegetable oil. His mesmerizing music is as eclectic as he is. Genre bending pop, rock, techno and new age. The stories are true, the music is entertaining and hypnotic. 

Originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York State, he’s the son of a musical mother from Quebec, and brilliant inventor father from New York. He had violin and piano lessons and was in orchestra all through school. He graduated college with an engineering degree and was soon was running a R&D lab in Connecticut. In 1980 he built his first recording studio at home and filled it with synthesizers and starting writing songs and recording other musicians. His style of music was influenced by so many artists including Alan Parsons, The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Guess Who, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman. Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Steve Winwood and countless others.

In 2007 he moved to Barnet VT and restored an old creamery where he designed and built his latest recording studio, Dreamery Productions. In 2019, Northern Vermont University hired John to redesign and improve the acoustics of their recording studio. John is still writing recording and producing for himself and his clients.